Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Addicition...or a Passion?

I have something to admit...I have an cookbooks. Yes, it's true. I love them! I must have hundreds, plus more stashed away in boxes in the basement, and then there's the ones hanging out in my parents garage still...sorry Ma and Pa :P Whenever there is a yard sale, I zone in on the cookbooks, delighting over my finds like treasure: new hip favorites as well as the classics. While people are bartering over furniture, TV's and used skis, I'm drooling over the cookbook selections! They are all so cool to me!

I have such a eclectic assortment of titles sitting next to each other on the bookshelf - and that's not even including all of the magazine and little cookbooks like the ones you find by the checkout. And
then there's the recipes I've started to transfer to the computer or have downloaded. And last but certainly not least are all of the recipes that I have written down in little journals (at last count I had 20 of these precious books filled with handwritten recipes from all different sources but most are ones that were given to me by friends or family.)'s an addiction! But I call it love :) It's my's an all consuming kind of love, the kind that is a part of making up who I am. I'm happiest when I am thinking about food, looking at pictures of it (or even better, the real thing!), making/baking it, reading about it, discussing's the switch for my soul, what put's that sparkle in my eye and spring in my step!

So, I ask you, is it an addiction or a passion, or can it be both? Not sure but I do know that it makes me happy :)


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I have the same "addiction" Tami. I collect recipes in the hope that I will find myself cooking them one day:D

Liliana said...

I have the same passion, I mean addiction. I can't help myself - I order cookbooks online, I buy used cookbooks. I also have cooking magazines stashed away and tons of recipes on the computer.
Too many cookbooks, so little time.

(Is there a Cookbook Anonymous?)

Anna said...

My family buys me as many cookbooks as I buy myself, so I guess we have a co-dependency issue here!

I'd rather call it a passion. I can't even imagine what the 12-step program would involve.