Monday, September 15, 2008

A Favor to Ask for the Birthday Boy (or Guy!)

picture by mamac2008

Hello to all of you marvelous bakers out there! I need to ask a favor of you...would you please share your favorite Chocolate Cake recipe with me? Here's boyfriend is having a birthday this week and when I asked him what he would like, his reply was, "Please bake me something." Something? To a baker that is the most open-ended invitation out there! I had to push for more... "Come on, there has to be something you're really craving...? Cheesecake? Key Lime Pie? Creme Brulee???" And his response... "Anything you make is special and I'd love it...but I really like chocolate cake."

Chocolate cake? Well, okay. I mean I love chocolate and would never turn down the chance to work with (or eat) the stuff but it just seemed kind of plain. Of all the things I could try to bake him that probably wouldn't have been it. Glad I asked! But then the more I thought about it I saw just how beautiful his decision to have chocolate cake was. Simple, uncomplicated and truly a classic - what a fabulous choice!

Here's my dilemma - I've only made a simple chocolate cake a handful of times in my life and in my younger years it was always from a box. The only recipe-type has been the Martha Stewart version, which I remember as being good but not quite chocolaty enough for me and the frosting took forever to make and was still grainy at the end (which I believe was totally my fault and not hers.) And when I tried Googling "chocolate cake" I came back with so many recipes that I began to feel quite overwhelmed! And I really don't know if they are any good or not either...

Sooo that is where all of you come in. I am asking for your help in sending me or directing me to the best chocolate cake recipe you have ever tasted! I want to really knock my boyfriend's socks off since this is what he would really like and I'd love to have a really good chocolate cake and frosting recipe to keep in my recipe box. I know that I can rely on all of you wonderful bakers out there to help me :) Thank you!!!I know he's going to love it :)


Anna said...

Hi! You are probably going to choke but my absolute favorite, I have even used it for wedding cake layers, is the one on the back of the Hershey's Box! The one where you add the boiling water. My husband's grandmother gave it to me 25 years ago when we first met b/c I raved about it and I've made it ever since. I'll e-mail it to you:)


Tami said...

Thanks so much Anna! I'll give it a try :) Some of the best recipes I ever made and tasted are the ones provided on the box or can! Thanks again!